Huge natural learning environments

Learning in the outdoors

Kids working in gardenAt Rose Rainbow we are very fortunate to have natural learning spaces where children can engage with nature and play in the outdoors. Children at Rose Rainbow assist with care of the environment and learn about sustainable practices with worm farming and composting.

Watering plants, growing vegetables, tending the gardens and caring for the chickens are just some of the activities in which children learn about sustainability and responsibility. We acknowledge traditional indigenous wisdom's of connection to land and custodianship.

In the outdoors children feel a sense of wonder and desire to explore the world around them. They can practice and learn new skills.

We believe play in the outdoors gives children the opportunity to develop a growth mindset by challenging themselves and taking managed risks which further improve their risk competencies.

The peacefulness of the natural environment also provides a perfect balance of active, physical play as well as experiencing calm and tranquility which enhances the sense of well-being for all children.