Every child has opportunities to succeed

Our key beliefs and values

Struggle is ok

  • IMG_3923child designed learning involves messiness
  • encouraging kids to have a go – doing with and not for, being independent
  • learning together – co-creating, supporting
  • value of effort – time and persistence
  • making mistakes and learning from them

Embracing Challenge

  • all learning involves risk
  • risk taking teaches us to pay attention, calculate, invent new ideas, discuss, act, reflect
  • skilled adults scaffold children
  • challenge is to name it, practice it, enjoy the rush of mastery

Back to nature

  • Natural spaces – allow for creative, open ended hands on learning designed with children
  • Outdoors – more than gross motor play, includes high level thinking that occurs as children solve problems, negotiate, investigate, explore
  • Taking inside learning out creates a new context
  • Magically transforms children into adventurers