Our Community

Its takes a village

kid with pre school teachersRose Rainbow upholds the rights of each family to have its own unique culture, identity and ways of being. We support families in their vital role of rearing young children.
We provide information and link with community support services through forming neighbourhood networks. Community village partnerships with families and professionals ensure that all children have many and varied opportunities for success. Connection and relationship building is the key role of the village.


We value all the members of the Rose Rainbow family and support children and their families who are vulnerable or who have additional needs/priorities. With an open hand we work alongside families to adapt the environment, the program and our approaches to ensure that we are meeting the individual needs of children. This includes valuing the rich diversity within our community. Diversity is reflected in family structures, cultures, disabilities, socio-economic factors, gifted and talented children and many more.
kid dressed up in japanese culture with teacherOur role is to ensure that each and every child/person has a ‘voice’ and that ensure to that we work with each child and family in a way that is authentic and meaningful to those involved.
We strive to safeguard childhood and allow ‘kids to be kids’, develop a lifelong love of learning and partner with families so children’s own unique culture, identity and needs are integral to centre life.
Integration of children with special needs is enhanced by accessing additional staffing through the Inclusion Support Subsidy and drawing on the expertise from specialised professionals.