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Our work at Rose Rainbow through the consultancy is underpinned by current research and thinking into early childhood development and education.
We have been inspired by the work of:

  • Carol Dweck “Growth Mindset”
  • James Nottingham “Challenging Learning” & :The Learning Pit”
  • Lev Vygotsky “Zone of Proximal Development”
  • John Hattie “Visible Learning”
  • John Edwards and Bill Martin “Teacher Designed Schools – a Shared Vision”
  • Brendan Spillane “Critical Thinking for Organisational Success.”
  • Ragnhild Isachsen – “Outdoor Life – an Adapted Learning Environment”

Should you wish to know more about the work of the consultancy or join our network of professionals, please feel free to contact Marilyn ( or Kerry ( via email for more information.

Guest Speaking Presentations

Planned for 2017 James Nottingham Conference (International guest speaker)
Location: Capalaba State College
Date: Friday 3rd March, 2017

  • Challenge & Progress
  • Surface to deep: Developing dialogue
  • Teaching thinking
  • Feedback for young learners

Please contact us if you or your centre or school would like more information on this conference.
Presentations and Publications by Marilyn Way and Kerry Boland.
For further information, including a copy of the presentations, please contact us.


Published article in Every Child magazine “Growing a growth mindset through the use of outdoor spaces” Way, Boland, McFadden
Pre-service workshops
Location: Alexandra Hills High School
Topics: Educational Professionals and Assessment for Learning


Professional Learning Circle
Location: Birdwood Place
Topics: Building the Bounce, Dandelion and Orchid children – building emotional resiliency


Guest Presentation for Redlands Early Years Learning Group
Location: St Luke’s School
Topic: Building the Bounce – the physical domain


Early Childhood Australia National Conference – poster presentation – Way, Boland, McFadden
Location: Darwin, Australia
Topic: Growing a growth mindset through the use of outdoor spaces


Guest Lecturer Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Location: Kelvin Grove and Caboolture Campuses, QLD
Topic: Struggle is OK – Fostering a Growth Mindset


International Conference on Thinking (ICOT)

Location: Bilbao, Spain
Topic: My Place, Our Community – Our work building a cohesive community


Eldercare Conference (Aged-Care)
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Topic:  Possibilities not Limits (2): life long learning and holistic well being for vulnerable populations.
Maybanke Women’s Crisis Centre
Location: Alexandra Hills, Qld
Topic: I’m ok, you’re ok: Improving protective factors for young children and families
Making Connections Conference, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Location: Kelvin Grove, Qld
Topic: Every Moment Counts: Learning in the Outdoors


International Conference on Thinking

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Topic: Possibilities not Limits (1)