Birdwood Place

Outdoor learning environment


Birdwood Place


birdwood-place-signThe Birdwood dream began in 2015 with the retention and clean up of an overgrown, unused property adjacent to Rose Rainbow Preschool and Kindergarten.


Gum tree, native birdlife, chickens. Vegetable gardens and the occasional visit from a koala are some of Birdwood Place’s special features.


The area is used as a natural learning space for children to explore, build friendships and enjoy being kids.


We are researching learning possibilities and fostering family and community partnerships through our work at Birdwood Place. This work is supported by Dr Amanda McFadden and has been presented to an international delegation at the International Conference on Thinking in Bilbao, Spain, 2015


Many years of planning and clever landscape design has created a natural habitat for flora and fauna within the heart of the Redlands.


Through the use of Birdwood Place children will:

  • Build resilience
  • Embrace challenge
  • Become nature warriors – responsibility, conservation, sustainability
  • Develop a passion for learning for life